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with that assessment that they needed those there? >> no, sir. we had been training local libyans -- >> i just want to know did you not say if that was presented to you, you would not accept it? >> he was -- >> did you or did you not say? >> yes, sir, i said that personally i would not support it. >> why is that? you knew about all these other attacks that had taken place. >> we had been training local libyans and arming them for almost a year. >> let me interrupt, the local libyan militia that was there knew there was going to be an attack on that compound so many of them left. involved't want to be in the attack. so i don't understand why you would say that out of hand that you don't think those 16 troops should be there. >> sir, with due respect, they were in tripoli, not in benghazi and it would not have made any difference in benghazi. >> mr. nordstrom, do you care to comment on this? >> beginning in about january, february time frame, i had a number of conversations with lamb, with the regional director and also the desk officer for libya itself. and a lot of those discussions were specific t
. communities are stretching and struggling to pay for local schools. many costs are based on a federal mandates and requirements. what should the role of the federal government be in local education? >> i work very hard to provide the tools and resources to our community to get funding for new schools and i am proud of that. very supportive of the new issues that are been initiated. we are doing a lot and i never voted for a mandate. it is one of the things that is killing communities like springfield and everybody in western massachusetts and throughout our great state. it is the high cost of education that is driving the train. just go back because i have time, student interest rates, the bottom line is that you cannot rewrite my record. we made sure we did without raising taxes. constant criticisms on the fact that i do not want to raise taxes on many americans. we did it without raising taxes by tweaking federal programs. i worked very hard as a state senator and continue to work with the community college. we found at a community college that you have opportunities where businesses in the
? >> the primary responsibility is at the state and local level. i agree with arne duncan. some ideas he has put forward on race to the top. some of them i agree with and congratulate him on pursuing that. the federal government can get state and local schools. i wanted the kids who are getting federal dollars from title 1 -- disabled kids or lower income kids, i went and to be able to go to the kids at -- to the school of their choice. i would have them follow the child and let the parent and child decide where to send their student. >> how do you see the federal government's responsibility to improve the quality of education? >> it has a significant role to play. we have worked with republican and democratic governors to initiate major reforms. they are having an impact right now. this is where budgets matter. budgets reflect choices. when gov. romney indicates that he wants to cut taxes and potentially benefit people like me and him, to pay for it we have to initiate significant cuts in federal support for education, that makes a difference. his running mate congressman ryan put forward a bud
as state and local governments. >> i am not sure what to revise. i think for state budgets the big question is not whether you good a deal in the lame duck or january, the bigger question is will we have significant further cuts in non-defense discretionary spending well below the caps in the budget control act, even though one- third its stance -- grants to state and local governments and big cost shifts and medicaid? those are the biggest factors affecting state budgets in terms of what the federal government does. it is hard to know the outcomes of those until the deal begins to unfold. i would tell the governor he should contact the state delegation and urged them to cut discretionary and not go below the budget discretionary caps, and also, medicaid expansion in the affordable care act to finally cover millions of poor, uninsured people. given that, he should devise his congressional delegation to not ship the medicaid costs to states when they are being asked to expand the medicaid program. >> it seems there are pros and cons to the fiscal cliff for states. there is potential for more
. there is radicalization. it is not there yet, but in places this is a day to day struggle. law enforcement and the local civilians are killed by the radicals. russia has a serious problem on their hands with that. beyond that, a lot of analysts point out that for the russian government, for an interim pension were there is an insurgency or even a civilian mass protests is a big no. that is why they want to support the syrian regime. let's not forget that this is in syria. a minority rule by the group that is close over 80% of the population which is sunni. somehow, the russian leaders and the analysts tend to disregard it or do not give enough weight to that. i really do not understand how come that little significant detail is being ignored. i find that when i talked to russian officials, a willful misunderstanding and that -- and lacking of knowledge about the middle east and islam. been referred to their own terrorists as criminals and the whole view was that these are just some groups that can be dealt through the prism of crime-fighting that's probably reminds some of us of some other countries tha
of taxes for wealthy people? >> they reported federal taxes, state and local taxes. it gives people a fairer picture. that year i happened to pay a lot of state and local taxes, which, as you know, are deducted from the other. i looked it up the other day, and we paid, i think it's 342% of our gross income in taxes. s >> we did a little looking around to see about his. we can't find his 1981 tax return. it may have been released. maybe my bonet knows whether he released it. we did find his income is $1.4 million, and i think he paid the same as i did in taxes. he also made a reference that troubled me very much. he started talking about my chauffeur. you know, i'm driven to work by the secret service. so is mrs. ferraro, so is mr. mondale's. they saved the life of the president of the united states. i thought that was a cheap shot telling the american people to try to divide class, rich and poor. but the big question, it isn't whether mrs. ferraro is doing well. i think they are depog pretty well. i know barbara and i are doing well. and it is darn sure mr. mondale is doing well wit
the election. bacon called voter registration offices in their local communities. -- they can call voter registration offices in their local communities. if you know somebody on active duty, asked them if you were afforded the opportunity to vote. send out an e-mail blast. we want the active-duty military to be encouraged to vote based on the fa that life is so chaotic that sometimes you have to be encouraged that this is your time to register. a look at the amount of e-mail traffic i get daily and often i have to address issues that are pertinent to my next promotion or getting fired and they get my answers first. call your local voter registration and ensure that issues in which the military is considered, you are elected officials that support them and encourage them to participate in the voting process. find out what concerns you have and record those concerns. there's a great website for the voter protection policy. they have set up here.org where you can -- he rose heroes.org where you can register. they will use a generic name and you don't talk about politics much a military but
that is simply not true. the local newspaper is now backing up the fact that this hospital is being invested in by this government because unlike the party oppose, and yet you are over there and you know what, you're going to stay there for a very, very long time. [shouting] >> and the reason, and the reason -- [shouting] the reason you're going to stay there, the reason you're going to stay there, is the reason is this countries in the masses because of the borrowing, spending and the debt that you delivered and your answer is more bbq more spending and more debt. so get yourself comfortable. [shouting] >> why won't the prime minister, over here -- [shouting] >> why won't the prime minister published all the tax e-mails and other forms of correspondence between himself and his office, and rebekah brooks in andy coulson and the news international? is it because so that we can judge whether they are relevant? is it because they are too salacious and embarrassing for the prime minister? or is it -- i wouldn't smoke. when the truth comes out the prime minister won't be smiling. or is it because
we've got more money going out for local police than -- than any previous administration. so, we've got to get it under control and there is one last thing -- point i'd make. drugs. we have got to win our national strategy against drugs, the fight against drugs. and we're making some progress. doing a little better on interdiction, we're not doing as well amongst the -- amongst the -- the people that get to be habitual drug users. the good news is, and i think it's true in richmond, teen-age use is down of cocaine substantially, 60 percent in the last couple of years. so we're making progress but until we get that one done, we're not going to solve the neighborhood crime problem. >> mr. perot, there are young black males in america dying at unprecedented rates. >> i'd just like to comment on this. >> yes, i'm getting to --- >> oh, you're going to elaborate, o.k. excuse me. >> the fact that homicide is the leading cause of death among young black males 15 to 24 years old. what are you going to do to get the guns off the street? >> on any program, and this includes crime, you'll fi
maintaining racial diversity than those that have more local markets. what we depart from -- i think one conclusion is that it is important to recognize that we cannot underestimate the size of what we are doing now. they put up a slide about the difference between the s.a.t. gap on class and based on race, and i was surprised. when i saw that i went and ran the numbers from what i have. . . you're talking about specific policy issues, and this of course, we will leave it up in the transitional government to devise its foreign policy, hopefully in consultation with the traditional democratic -- this is not our task. >> i am a student at georgetown university, and my question is have you considered the idea of accountability causing members of the regime or individuals or groups associated with the regime to prolong power or to hold on to power for a longer period of time? and you considered the idea of pardons for certain groups and weighed that against the benefits of ending the conflict earlier? >> this issue has been quite -- because some syrians feel they want to bring these people w
the third, you can go to the lot -- to your local registrar and vote. if you have any questions, we have folks in the back who are wearing the obama buttons and you are all wearing obama buttons. they can tell you exactly how to do it. i would like to win this thing earlier than later. so go out there. [applause] the president had his third and final debate with governor romney. and i had my one debate with congressman ryan. in that last debate, i was-or -- i was not sure whether other romney was there whether to endorse or debate obama. -- i was not sure whether romney was there to endorse or debate obama. it was kind of amazing. all those things i heard him say 04, i wasn't hurting -- heard him say before, i wasn't hearing him say them anymore. my grandfather from scranton used to say that -- beware of the converted. [laughter] he sure sounded converted, didn't he? i was wondering what happened to the mitt romney -- maybe casper, the family ghost of them. -- the friendly ghost took him. i don't know. as hard as they tried, they cannot run from the record. here is the truth. they had ma
, the payments that are necessary. we fund the local hospitals, i fought for funding for the local hospitals. i know what that means. >> thank you. >> do you think the government has a responsibility to provide access to care for people we're adding to medicare? and if so, how to we do that? >> well, medicaid has been a social safety net we've had for many years and i think we need to continue to honor that commitment. if you look right now, medicaid is another one of those entitlements careening toward insolvency. harry reid and the democrats in the senate are doing nothing to step up and solve that problem and preserve medicare. we need leadership there. beyond that, how do you deal with low income texans who earn too much income to qualify for medicaid and yet not enough income to be able to purchase health insurance themselves? i think the answer are free market reforms, in particular, allow individuals to purchase health insurance across state lines. if we create a 50-state national market, what that will mean is that texans will have available to them a lot more low cost catastrophic heal
turn that over to a local prosecutor or the u.s. attorney. we have been very good about being draconian on fines. we have had a number of very large fines. a lot of the legitimate telemarketing industry as a gold star next to indiana and is not worth the cost of doing business. whether you are on the do not call or not, up until the voip, we have been successful using the civil penalties. if i catch rachel, i will show her the statute. >> do the federal rules supercede the state? >> no. >> shall we move on? >> i think are some open questions that have been filed at the fcc on that topic and i don't believe the agency has addressed to those questions and i don't think i should say more about that. >> would be glad to have that hearing. >> can somebody explain exactly what an autodialer is? >> i will tell you what the statute says it is. it is equipment that has the capacity to store or produce telephone numbers to be called using a random or sequential number generator. that is the statutory definition in our rules of what an autodialer is. hopefully, that is helpful. >> we will end five
presidential candidate died this morning. he was in world war two and was later a local critic of the vietnam war. he served three terms in the united states senate. after being first elected in 1962. ran for president three times and was defeated by richard nixon in 1972. mr. mcgovern was united states ambassador to united nations food and agricultural agencies from 1998 to 2001. he won the presidential medal of freedom in 2000. and was the global ambassador in 2001. george mcgovern was 90. and our c-span cameras are live this morning in boca raton, florida. where operations are under way for the third and final three presidential debates. look at media outlets setting up there. sunday morning in boca raton, florida. watch and engaged with c-span as the presidential candidates meet for their last debate. as live tomorrow from florida. our live debate previous starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern. at 9:00 p.m., cbs news chief and a moderator bobb schieffer moderates the debate. after the debate, your reactions and comments, calls, e-mails and tweets. fall our live coverage on c- span, c-span radio and
and hear a lot more about the local candidates than about mitt romney. so most of these offices are dominated by literature and signs and campaign staffers for whoever the local congressman is. or whoever the local senate candidate is, and if there isn't a long congressman horsenate candidate, then there won't be as strong of an effort. >> our first call for molly ball of the atlantic coast, from rebecca, calling from fort worth, texas, on our line for democrats. rebecca, you're on the "washington journal." go ahead. >> caller: thank you. thank you for taking my call. i'm not surprised that mitt romney has the r.n.c. handling him. i'm so disappointed that we have gotten to a level where he has been so dishonest, where he has said and he's handled very effectively bill the republican party, and i think we americans are better than that, i think we deserve a better candidate than that who has been very misleading and has also been any dishonest with the american people. >> what sort of organization have you seen of the romney campaign there in fort worth? >> i see that the republi
the real potential to move local elections or smart -- smaller elections like that, and because it is coming from the super pac, there is less accountability. it is people for a better tomorrow, not my opponent who is saying it. and i wonder at the end of this race when we look back if the ads that run in the final eight weeks, if we do not see some pretty crummy as coming out of these. >> tv stations actually can refuse ads they consider libelous. if they are coming from an outside group. they cannot refuse ads coming from a candidate. >> it almost never do. >> the almost never do. -- they almost never do. >> they are not corporation's. >> that's right peeping that is the other thing. >> again, the libel barrier -- you can go pretty far distorting someone's record or the facts without being libelous. >> implicit in this conversation is a notes worth making an explicit. we are used to races where candidates are broadcasting at each other. when i was involved in mccain campaign the last time, there was a lot of press attention to how-john mccain was being. ads.d a survey of aour
are helping state and local governments set up road projects and bridge projects that keep people in their jobs. to then long-term we've got fix our health care system, we've got to fix our energy system that is putting such an enormous burden on families. you need somebody working for you and you've got to have somebody in washington who is thinking about the middle class and not just those who can afford to hire lobbyists. >> senator mccain? >> well, thank you, tom. thank you, belmont university. and senator obama, it's good to be with you at a townhall meeting. and, alan, thank you for your question. you go to the heart of america's worries tonight. americans are angry, they're upset, and they're a little fearful. it's our job to fix the problem. now, i have a plan to fix this problem and it has got to do with energy independence. we've got to stop sending $700 billion a year to countries that don't want us very -- like us very much. we have to keep americans' taxes low. all americans' taxes low. let's not raise taxes on anybody today. we obviously have to stop this spending sp
candidate system? this should be something that gets ferretted out at the local level. something that gets ferretted out at the state level, not the national level. look, there is only a couple of voices being heard here and it's tweedle dee and it's deeding dum. [cheers and applause] two weeks ago two candidates talking about who's going to spend more money on medicare when medicare's the system that you and i pay $30,000 into and get $100,000 benefit. it's a 3-1 what you pay in and what you get out. it's not sustainable. yet it's indicative of our federal government today which is on an institute, unsustainable path, the results of which are going to be a monetary collapse unless we actually bring this under control. and as a third party, i have been given the opportunity to make the case that's not being made by either of the two major candidates. >> thank you governor. [cheers and applause] >> a lot of people ask me why i would consent to do this. one, i like moderating and two, i like asking questions even though i didn't ask these questions, they were submitted. and three, i think th
, they can barely pay to fill up their gas tank. i was recently at my local gas station and asked a guy named joey danco. i said joey, how much did it cost to fill your tank? you know what his answer was? he said i don't know, joe. i never have enough money to do it. the middle class needs relief, tax relief. they need it now. they need help now. the focus will change with barack obama. >> governor, please if you want to respond to what he said about senator mccain's comments about health care? >> i would like to respond about the tax increases. we can speak in agreement here that darn right we need tax relief for americans so that jobs can be created here. now, barack obama and senator biden also voted for the largest tax increases in u.s. history. barack had 94 opportunities to side on the people's side and reduce taxes and 94 times he voted to increase taxes or not support a tax reduction, 94 times. now, that's not what we need to create jobs and really bolster and heat up our economy. we do need the private sector to be able to keep more of what we earn and produce. government is going to
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